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Our solution automatically monitors and guards your data to ensure conformance with Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk based requirements.

Organisations often struggle with data quality, compliance data monitoring and risk monitoring as the limited solutions available for this space tend to only address the needs of larger enterprises. Solutions are often complex, difficult to configure, require significant input and time from your staff and require specialist knowledge to deploy. Many of these are barriers that the average organisation find difficult to address.

Data Guardian helps address these concerns by putting the power and control of your data back into your hands when it comes to data governance, compliance and risk. We have created a solution that can be deployed in a very short space of time and can deliver results back to you with little impact to your staff.

We took the cost and complexity out of the equation and created a solution that can be rapidly deployed, whilst still being affordable, effective and simple to use

Managing Data Governance

Effective and sound corporate governance practices and frameworks are fundamental to achieving your organization’s strategic and operational objectives. Successful corporate governance and operations are built using reliable data and derived information.

The Data Guardian solution will help your organization better align its data, to help achieve your strategic and operational goals. Continuous monitoring and correct governance over the data will ensure quality standards can be enforced and that actionable decisions are based on tested and validated data.

  • Monitoring of data quality standards and completeness.

  • Detection and tracking of data issues with automatic assignment to data owners.

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of control measures.

  • Generation of business and data quality metrics with self-service reporting.

Data Guardian helps remove some of the inherent overhead of data management and reporting from stakeholders through a continuous process of data quality testing and metrics capture.

Deploying Data Guardian means that your staff can get on with the job of making actionable decisions based on data, rather than spending time collating, processing and exception checking business data beforehand.

Managing Compliance

Organisations today must comply and operate in an increasingly complex and regulatory environment. Failure to comply can have serious consequences for people, the environment and the organisation either through injury, physical or financial impact and reputational damage.

Failure to comply can have serious consequences for people, the environment and the organisation either through injury, physical or financial impact and reputational damage.

  • Identification of compliance breaches and areas of non conformance.
  • Ensuring compliance issues are identified, tracked and resolved with data owners.
  • Implement measures to manage compliance breaches.
  • Notification to managers of key non-compliance events.

Data Guardian will assist you to meet regulatory and internal obligations. This will help you to demonstrate due-diligence in your legal, policy and procedural obligations.

Through automated continuous testing, compliance can become a pervasive and implied process. Focus can then shift to performing business processes while allowing Data Guardian to continuously monitor and guard data, to ensure compliance with operational, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Managing Risk

Sound risk management is a fundamental element of successful and proactive business operations. As risk is inherent to all businesses, the early identification and steadfast management of risk is imperative to help your organization achieve its corporate objectives while being compliant.

Risk can manifest itself in many shapes and forms and has the potential to impact on any business area(s) such as compliance, operations and finance. Data Guardian can continuously assess risk, based on a known set of data elements. This information can be stored and reported on with key stakeholders receiving near real-time notifications of risk escalations.

  • Automated monitoring of risk indicators to detect and log risk related actions and track resolution.
  • Consistent and automated generation of risk metrics.
  • Early detection of risk events and alerting of risk managers via notifications.
  • Evaluation of risk across data portfolios.

Data Guardian can help manage risk by detecting, logging and notifying stakeholders of risk events as they occur in their data systems. Data Guardian can also be used to help measure risk in the context of operational, financial and client management.

The automated and continuous monitoring of risk ensures an effective and consistent approach to risk management. Data Guardian promotes early identification of risk and the proactive notification of stakeholders, so appropriate action can be taken.